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Emergency Action Plan

The information contained in this section is meant to guide our employees in the event of an emergency.
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A. Emergency Coordinators
The Emergency Coordinators are responsible for coordingating all emergency response measures. An Emergency Coordinator will be on the premises or available to respond to an emergency within a short time. The Emergency Coordinator has the authority to commit resources needed to carry out the Emergency Action Plan.

Announcement of Crisis
Only Emergency Coordinators are authorized to evacuate the department involved. The intercom system in the plant can be accessed from any phone by dialing "8888". Announce all emergency messages calmly - twice - before hanging up.

Mark DonahuePlant Director
Extension: 8419
Cell Phone: 515-333-0527
Joe KeenaAssembly Supervisor
Extension: 8409
Cell Phone: 515-201-7021
Matt HerrMaintenance Supervisor
Extension: 8410
Cell Phone: 515-201-1107
Pete Kallash Waukee Director
Extension: 8297
Cell Phone: 515-238-1483

B. Key Employee Extension Numbers & Phone Numbers
ExtensionCell Phone
Mark Donahue8419515-333-0527
Joe Keena8409515-201-7021
Mark Jacobson8410641-402-9905
Ron Harter8429515-238-7005
Matt Herr8410515-238-1107
Pete Kallash 8297515-238-1483

C. Area Coordinators
In the event of an emerggency it is the responsibility of each Area Coordinator to implement any procedure needed. It is the responsibility of each Area Coordinator to assign a back-up representative who will coordinate crisis management in the absence of the Area Coordinator. For the manufacturing area, Department Supervisors will serve this function.
AccountingMark Craigmile8346
ComputerDavid Tweedale8422
Engineering/Model ShopPaul Ihn8355
VendNetTed Tufty8364
FinanceJoe Ruth8408
Model ShopColby Grabill8361
OutlookJulie Letze8545
PurchasingRon Harter8429
USI/General ProductsDarla Smidt8450
WaukeePete Kallash8297

D. Severe Weather Plan
In the event of a tornado, tornado warning or other severe storm, the Emergency Coordinators are responsible for implementing the storm sheltering procedures.

Storm Sheltering Procedures
  1. Implementation made by Emergency Coordinators
  2. Announcement made by Communication Network
      • i. PRIMAER: Intercom or "page" system announcement
      • ii. Work-of-Mouth
      • i. PRIMARY: Notification from Human Resources to the Area Coordinators via phone
      • ii. SECONDARY: Word-of-Mouth
  3. Evacuation of ALL employees, contractors and visitors to designated "Safe Area". (See"Safe Area" designations)
  4. Supervisors should verify, as quickly as possible, the location of all employees from their areas.
  5. Supervisors should report any missing persons to an Emergency Coordinator as quickly as possible once conditions are safe.
Severe Weather Procedure
In the event of severe weather, the decision to close the plant/offices shall be made one of the Executives. In the event of a plan/office closing, notification will be made to KCCI Channel* who is partnering with the Des Moines Radio Group, radio stations 93.3 FM, 940 AM, 1350 AM, 103.3 FM and 104.1 FM.


- Learning Center
- Engineering Offices
- West Hallway by Office Employee time clock
- Office Lunch/break room
- File room in Finance
- Human Resources
- Purchasing Offices
- Restrooms

- Plant Lunch/break room
- Basement room behind Lunch/break room
- Restrooms
- Paint area

- Waukee Lunch/break room
- Restrooms

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